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Choose Drytron Today in Hoppers Crossing And Experience The Many Benefits:

Less water than other methods - Dry in hours not days

Removes 100's of household stains - Exactly the same stuff our technicians use

Don't pick a lemon - If a competitor quotes 4 rooms for under $100 be very afraid of the result.

A little bit old fashioned - One number connects you to everything 131 250.

Upfront quotes - We'll tell you upfront exactly what your quote will be for the job, with no hidden extras!

Heavy lifting - Wherever required, we will move and replace your furniture after completing our carpet cleaning service.

Deep Carpet Cleaning - We use a SEBO turbo head vacuum to ensure that your carpet is completely cleansed from grime, grit and dirt right down to the carpet pile.

Environmentally Friendly - Our non-toxic stain removers are highly effective and we apply it to areas of your carpet that need specialised attention like spots, stains and soiled areas for free of charge!

Dry Carpet Cleaning - Every last inch of your carpet will be meticulously cleaned using touch ups if required for free of charge!

Showroom Quality - After we dry clean your carpet, we will then proceed to deodorise, sanitise and even add anti-allergens to your carpet so it looks showroom quality and smells fantastic. All this comes without any extra charge!

Call us today on 131 250 or contact us for a free quote!

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