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At Drytron, we are the carpet dry cleaning specialists.

Our exclusive carpet dry cleaning systems are manufactured in our own plants and are 100% registered and compliant with the Chemwatch worldwide organisation for your peace of mind concerning health, safety and environment.

In Hoppers Crossing, our carpet dry cleaning systems are what truly sets us apart from other carpet cleaning companies. It is the backbone of all of our Drytron cleans and we do not sell it to anyone else.

No other carpet cleaning company in Hoppers Crossing can replicate the unique and amazing results that we have achieved for our Hoppers Crossing customers. This is one of the main reasons why the 'Drytron' name has become one of the most popular names in the carpet cleaning industry.

What are the benefits of using carpet dry cleaning?

The best thing about using our exclusive Drytron carpet dry cleaning systems is that it means absolutely no soggy, damp or wet carpets, your carpets will be ready to walk on immediately after we've finished cleaning it!

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